North Vancouver, BC

A Voice in the Wilderness

Tucked away in the middle of scenic, far-reaching forest, this residence is a perfect tranquil escape from the day-to-day of the big city. The seemingly endless amount of large, gorgeous trees provides privacy and amazing views. Envisioned and designed by Scientific Architecture, and brought to life by LDJ Contracting, this home pairs the earthy aesthetic of a traditional log home with modern, expansive Kolbe® windows.

To achieve this West Coast Contemporary look, Scientific Architecture specified Kolbe Windows & Doors’ popular Ultra Series line. The versatility and beauty of the windows and doors in this product line provide the architectural details, functionality and overall performance they needed.

From custom oversized doors to geometric trapezoid transom windows, this house has a diverse assortment of window and door types. One of the stars of this design is a sizable entrance to the back yard, a tailor-made TerraSpan® Lift & Slide door which acts as a stunning, highly functional centerpiece. The other highlight is the easy-to-operate, expansive folding window. Together with the Lift & Slide door, they create a seamless harmonization between indoor living and the outdoors. Some other notable Kolbe products featured in this home include beveled direct set windows, crank-out casements, and awning windows. Plus, LoĒ³-366 glass ensures the homeowner can be comfortable all four seasons.

This home pairs the earthy aesthetic of a traditional log home with modern, expansive Kolbe® windows, to blend the interior with the great outdoors.

The task of connecting the extensive wilderness with the beautiful interior of the home required the versatility and custom options offered only by Kolbe Windows & Doors. By providing a wide range of products and choices, this ensured consistency across every room and application. The end result is a stunning house, set in a picturesque landscape, with products that create great views while giving the homeowner piece of mind that will stand the test of time.


Scientific Architecture Inc.
Whistler, British Columbia


LDJ Contracting
Vancouver, British Columbia

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