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Exemplifying the ultimate balancing act, this home hovers above the Howe Sound while offering relaxing views that only VistaLuxe® Collection windows and doors could capture. Architect Manny Trinca wanted this contemporary project to be streamlined and serene, inspired by the surrounding nature.

Contemporary Project | Bowen Island, British Columbia

Credits: Trinca Architecture | MDM Solutions Contracting | Kolbe Gallery Vancouver | Fyfe Photography & Lofty Media

"My vision was to create a calming environment integrated with nature."

This dramatic contemporary home is perched on a precipice with views of Howe Sound, near Vancouver, BC. Overlooking the ocean, it is completely surrounded by the beauty and calming effects of nature. "Being outdoors instantly instills relaxation and feelings of health and wellness," stated architect Manny Trinca.


"Our response was to let the landscape dictate site lines and movement in and around the property."

"We were drawn to this site because of the expansive views of Howe Sound, the proximity to the ocean and the ability to nestle into the rocks and forest," explained Trinca. The landscape guides the flow of the home, creating an environment that is fluid and open. Interior and exterior spaces blend together, with sweeping vistas from every vantage point.


"We required many customized doors and windows, and Kolbe was able to find solutions and integrate its products seamlessly."

Chosen for its versatility to achieve large expanses of glass and enhanced energy efficiency, the VistaLuxe Collection direct set windows frame uninterrupted views of the landscape. A TerraSpan® lift & slide door opens up a corner of the home, while folding windows promote pass-through convenience, reinforcing the home’s roots with nature.


"The situation of the house and living spaces constantly reminds you how varied and powerful nature can be."

It was important that the home maintain a modern, open plan to feel connected and embedded in such a dramatic landscape. Large glazed walls, clean lines, dark wood exterior, and clean interior palette allow nature to be the focus.


The site was very challenging because of the jagged cliff and steep rocky terrain. When asked to explain further, Trinca said, "Mother nature tested us with its best, from the cold artic outflow winds, to high rolling waves that battered the site. The situation of the house and living spaces constantly reminds you how varied and powerful nature can be."

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