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Earls Grandview Corner

Not to pick favourites, but this Earls Kitchen + Bar might be ours... Designed by Kristen Reite Architecture this stunning commercial project features Ultra Series Double Hung windows across the right wall and a Multi-Slide window on the left. Both are finished in onyx exterior with coal black factory painted interiors on Ponderosa Pine.

Commercial Project | Surrey, British Columbia

Earls - Surrey-12.jpg

Complimented by Dynamite Rolls and Rhino on draft, these Kolbe Windows and Doors Ultra Series Double Hung windows make this playful yet industrial design airy. The restaurant design blends elements of contemporary funk with the elevated brand experience we've all come to know and love from Earls.

Earls - Surrey-15.jpg
Earls - Surrey-9.jpg

This Ultra Series Multi-Slide window sits atop the banquette, allowing guests to enjoy the warm summer air and the restaurant to mimic the patio experience for more people. Finished with an onyx exterior and coal-black factory-painted interiors on Ponderosa Pine, the bold contrast of the industrial design and the playful styling of the space creates a space you'll be wanting to come back to time and time again.

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