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Living Afloat

What is better than a waterfront home? One that is part of the water.  Originally built in the 1940s this Seattle floating home was remodeled to provide a new level of modern luxury to this piece of history that was once a boarding house for loggers.

Floating Home Project | North Lake, Washington   

We'd challenge you to find a more unique property than this floating home on the coast of Seattle, but we're not fans of impossible tasks.

The home (quite literally) floats alongside its neighbours in this long-time floating community. The home originally a 1920s lodging home for loggers on Lake Washington. Since then this neighbourhood has transitioned from use-to-use until families saw them as unique properties for full-time living. This contemporary home was a down size from the multiple acres the owners had before, but offered a unique experience to boat off the house + dive in for a swim straight from the master bedroom.

Floating Home-6.jpg
Floating Home-28.jpg

The doors + windows in this residence have really unique forms + functions; the dock you see from the kitchen + bedroom views is home of the Seattle Rowing Association + a private sailing club making the water and 'dock' traffic quite busy. The windows needed to allow for sprawling views of the scenery and connection to the ocean air while, frankly... not getting hit by passing boats, sealing out the noise + keeping up with the natural environment. The double open french windows with African Mahogany wood interior w/ custom Ebony color stain off the lower bedrooms make for practical + beautiful living while the Ultra Series, Garden-Aire sliding patio door offer privacy, ease + interest to every room.

Floating Home-16.jpg

Bedrooms feature Ultra Series french style windows that elegantly open to the marina views allowing lights and fresh air to pour into the guest retreat. 

Floating Home-20.jpg
Floating Home-25.jpg
Floating Home-3.jpg
Floating Home-12.jpg

The blue-grey trim encapsulates the exterior design, perfectly fitting the home into the natural surroundings. The reflections from the windows create a sense of entrancement, allowing the outdoor living space to feel disconnected from the realities of day-to-day.

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