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A Humble Abode

A modern take on the traditional Sunshine Coast cabin, Avant-Oceanside is as visually unique as the stunning surroundings. Moving beyond the expected, this weekend getaway falls away into the forested greenery, creating a delicate and airy experience from your first steps towards the VistaLuxe entrance. 

Contemporary Project | Seattle Washington   

Within the first few minutes of meeting the owner of this Seattle property — we knew this home was going to be full of personality. “The owners - and their extremely hyper dogs - draw as much interest as the design itself; every corner of the home is treated with a piece of personality and the windows are the center piece in showing it.” says @wearebujou while photographing this space.


The house itself has been re-built from the ground up when the owners took over the inherited land from a grandmother. The two sections of the home are instantly visible + serve to create distinct living spaces. The lower atrium is built for entertaining and the kitchen, living room, dinning room, a small office + an indoor / outdoor deck fill this space. The vaulted right half hosts bedrooms + office spaces for the owners, connected only by the front entrance hallway (with a large rolling barn door that can isolate each side).


The owners were excited to work from a blank slate with this project - take risks + create something entirely new. “They wanted a house that expressed all parts of who they are without compromising for traditional ways of living -- every part of the home was intentional + original to them." The large entertaining space is complete with the Kolbe VL WD VGFir folding door to make seamless living from the yard to the lower half of the house. The windows on the 'bedroom half' are finished with black metal exterior finish + a warm wood interior to creating a rich, bright + airy atmosphere.

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