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A Glimpse of Grandeur: Lincoln High School

Situated in the heart of a vibrant community, Lincoln High School boasts a legacy that spans multiple eras, each leaving its distinctive mark on the landscape. 




The construction of Lincoln High School presented a unique challenge, with three buildings from different eras converging to form a harmonious whole. This diverse architectural tapestry demanded a level of precision and ingenuity rarely seen in modern construction projects. Replicating the distinctive features of each era required a meticulous approach, as we navigated the complexities of integrating nine custom aluminum profiles to match the original exterior trim and mull connections. 


With over 500 windows to supply, attention to detail was paramount. Some windows are on a custom-radius square-to-elliptical top window in order to match the design from the late 1800s through early 1900s. 


Basetti Architects, renowned for their expertise in historical restoration, dissected old windows to uncover the ideal window profile, ensuring that every detail was faithfully replicated. 


Although the school had faced closure in the 1980s, its revitalization breathed new life into its historic halls. Our Kolbe Gallery Seattle team in collaboration with Basetti Architects, was able to provide historically-accurate detailing with modern performance to help bring the school back to life.  

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