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Fall in Love with Your View All Over Again: The 4 Most Romantic Windows and Doors Styles.

If you’ve ever opened a French window while overlooking a stunning view (like the Hawaii coast or through downtown Paris), you know just how romantic a window can be. The movie-quality feeling alone would have anyone wearing a silk robe and dreamingly leaning out while sipping coffee or bubbly (depending on the mood).

So to help you achieve this movie-moment window experience, we’ve collected the 4 most romantic window and door styles so you can live like the main character every day.

Read on to fall in love with your view all over again.

1. French Out-Swing Windows:

Windows & doors from Kolbe Windows, built by Wilson Miller & Co, and photographed by Bujou Studios.

Starting with a classic we have the French out-swing windows, aka swing-out casement windows. Characterized by their hinges on the exterior and lack of center mullions, the two individual sashes swing open from the centre, leaving a picture-perfect image of the view. Creating picturesque moments is a key benefit of French out-swing windows, allowing you to fully fantasize about coffee over the streets of Paris, no matter where you actually are.

Adding these windows to your home provides you with the ability to live in movie moments every day; like calling to your love from the 2nd floor as they run to serenade you (we can dream right?). Perfectly displayed in “The Seven Year Itch” where Marilyn Monroe calls out to her neighbour who is infatuated with her and we see that magnetic pull. The details presented in the European-styled wooden framed windows present the perfect setting for your movie moment through the out-swing casements windows:

Wilder, B. (Director). (1955). The Seven Year Itch [Film]. Charles K. Feldman Group Productions.

Get The Look:

Replicate this iconic sense daily with Heritage Series Push-Out Casements Windows designed with divided lites by Kolbe Windows. Our Heritage Series are carefully crafted with wood on both the interior and exterior, making it possible to create a nearly identical style of window, historical charm included.

Want a more modern feel? French out-swing windows (or Push-Out Casements windows) are also offered in our VistaLuxe Collection, and the versatile Ultra Series can create magic movie moments in any style of design.

2. French Doors and Juliette Balconies:

Windows & doors from Kolbe Windows, built by Abode Builders, and photographed by Bujou Studios.

Undeniably romantic, French doors paired with a Juliette balcony are a recipe for bold confessions of love and watching the sunset over your perfectly captured view. French doors can be designed in nearly unlimited designs, but are best known for the hinges on the exterior, lack of center mullions, and two individual door panels that close together in the centre. Best paired with billowing curtains for an extra romantic feel.

Starting every morning feeling like Juliette in this iconic scene from the 1996 Romeo + Juliette would give any space a romantic feel (and who knows, maybe Leo will show up!). We catch a glimpse of these stunning French doors as Juliet ascends to the balcony to catch a glimpse of her love in secret.

Luhrmann, B. (Director). (1996). Romeo + Juliet [Film]. Bazmark Productions.

Get The Look:

Dreamily stand on your Juliette balcony with Heritage Series Swinging Patio Doors (French Doors) designed with divided lites. Our Heritage Series collection is carefully crafted with wood both on the interior and exterior, making it possible to create a nearly identical style of look, historical charm included.

Want a more modern feel? French doors (or swinging patio doors) are also offered in our Ultra Series and Forgent Series collections creating magic movie moments in any style of design.

3. Arched Windows:

Windows & doors from Kolbe Windows, built by Kingdom Builders.

We all know the imagery that comes to mind with love; the classic heart shape. We use hearts to symbolize big things like the love of your life to simply messaging a friend on a daily basis. The curvature of the heart is part of its beauty which is why the use of arched windows pulls this elegance of curvature through a space. Kolbe presents a specialty windows assortment leaving your imagination to run free on your dreamy movie moment. Presenting the radius options combined with the trim and material options of aluminum and wood, especially in the Ultra Series with its flexible design options lets you decide your own fairytale.

Live your dream of being a painter overlooking New York city through large curved windows while falling in love with someone you should like this iconic moment in "Great Expectations".

Cuarón, A. (Director). (1998). Great Expectations [Film]. Art Linson Productions.

Get The Look:

Fall in love with rainy nights and late-night painting sessions with our Ultra Series Curved Windows designed with custom asymmetrical divided lites.

4. Corner Windows:

Windows & doors from @kolbewindows, design by @studioamarchitects, built by @esmbinc, captured by @bujoustudios

Moving away from classic romance, corner windows are a modern design style that holds all the charm of old romance with new-world luxury. Embrace the view (and your love) with no interruptions by removing pillars/walls at the corner and allowing light to pour in from any angle.

Windows & doors from @kolbewindows, design by @studioamarchitects, built by @esmbinc, captured by @bujoustudios

Get The Look:

Fall in love with every angle with our Kolbe Windows and Doors Ultra Series Corner Windows


Want to know more about working with the Kolbe Gallery Finestra team? Get in touch with us here to explore our full range of fully customizable window and door solutions.

Servicing Washington, Hawaii, British Columbia and Alberta.

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