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Living Amongst The Treetops: A Look Inside

Nestled amidst the beauty of Broadview, Seattle WA, this home amongst the treetops demonstrates both modernity and the serenity of nature. The design of this home was inspired by the sunsets of the Pacific Ocean and gazes out towards Port Madison and Agate Point.

The essence of living in this home is waking up to the gentle rustle of leaves and the soft glow of morning light. Perched 350 feet above the water on a steep incline, the homeowners are treated to the majestic view of sunsets from their lofty vantage point, all while being just a short drive away from the heart of Downtown Seattle.

Collaborating closely with the homeowners, Kolbe Finestra staff ensured that every aspect of this space reflected their vision. The result? A seamless fusion of indoor and outdoor living spaces, epitomized by our Ultra Series TerraSpan Lift & Slide Doors adorned with alder interior casements.

Of course, every gorgeous design comes with its challenges, and this one was no exception. With the home having an abundance of west-facing windows, we were given the task of still bringing morning light into the heart of the home. Enter our collaboration with Kilburn Architects to find an “out of the box” solution- a custom-made triangular window adorning the peak of the ceiling. As the sun rises, this architectural marvel bathes the kitchen in a warm, golden glow. 

Amongst The Treetops isn’t just a home, it’s a sanctuary where modern luxury meets timeless nature.

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