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Paws and Panes: The Furry Friends of Kolbe Finestra.

Our Kolbe team is full of animal lovers from rabbits to Corgis, and we’d like to start by introducing you to just one of our furry friends. These adorable companions bring joy and warmth into our lives everyday. 

As a luxury custom window and door company dedicated to crafting exquisite living spaces, we understand the importance of creating environments that not only delight our human customers but also cater to the comfort and happiness of their furry friends. 

Now, let’s get to the fun stuff!

Meet Steam Bun, the Rabbit.

Kolbe Operations Manager, Rebecca, and her husband got their pet rabbit, Steam Bun, in 2016. While looking for rescue rabbits, Rebecca and her husband went to 4 SPCA branches and when Rebecca read the biography of Steam Bun (originally named Lotus) she instantly got that “this is the one” feeling. The problem on that day was that the SPCA branch was about to close in five minutes so they weren't able to see the bunny right away however, first thing in the morning the very next day Rebecca and her husband went right back to the branch to see Steam Bun, and sure enough she cuddled right up to Rebecca’s husband. Rebecca’s husband immediately fell in love with Steam Bun and they couldn’t leave the branch without her (we’ve all been there!) 

Pet rabbits have a lifespan of 8-12 years, so they are just about the same time commitment as getting a dog! Steam Bun has now been with Rebecca and her husband through their wedding, LEGO ventures, the birth of their son, and three times moving homes. Safe to say, Steam Bun is a very important part of the family now.

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