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Through the Looking Glass of Kolbe Staff: Best Vancouver Restaurants

Kolbe Finestra has locations in Calgary, Seattle, and Vancouver, all cities that have their fair share of awesome restaurants. Whether it’s taking clients out to lunch to discuss their custom window and door designs or grabbing a quick bite before a meeting, our Kolbe Finestra staff has gotten to know the restaurants in their area and we’d like to share with you some of their favorites…Vancouver addition.

Richard Hollett’s top Vancouver restaurant pick is The Downlow Chicken Shack. According to Richard, they make the best chicken sandwich he’s ever had! The Downlow Chicken Shack is a simple counter-serve hub for fried chicken, sandwiches and sides.

Kolbe’s Operations Manager, Rebecca has a few restaurants in Vancouver on her list. Rebecca’s first pick is Sanpoutei, a ramen restaurant. Sanpoutei is Rebecca’s top choice to get her ramen fix, specifically their Tsukemen. Sanpoutei makes their noodles fresh everyday and with their open kitchen concept at their Richmond location, you can see the chefs making the noodles through a glass wall. 

Rebecca’s second Vancouver restaurant pick is The Crab Shop. The Crab Shop is a North Vancouver landmark and hidden gem that serves the freshest and finest quality seafood. Their crab burger, shrimp sandwich, chowder, and fish tacos are Rebecca’s top menu choices when she stops in during her lunch break! 

Last but not least, Memory Corner finishes off Rebecca’s list. If you want authentic Taiwanese food, this is your place. Rebecca values her Taiwanese heritage, and at Memory Corner she can find just about all the street foods you’d get in Taiwan as well as great bubble tea selections! 

Bob Guimond’s favorite Vancouver pick is Cardero’s in Coal Harbour. Bob describes Cardero’s as a nice restaurant on the waterfront with good seafood! At Cardero’s you can enjoy fresh seafood from oysters to an entire seafood platter with a beautiful view of the water. This is the perfect restaurant to meet with a client or celebrate a win! 

To finish off our Kolbe Finestra staff’s list of favorite Vancouver restaurants, who doesn’t love Sunday brunch? Geordie Grafton’s pick is the Granville Island Hotel “DOCKSIDE Restaurant.” Geordie specifically recommends their Sunday brunch as it is quality food and he has had great family memories there. You will not be short of options at the DOCKSIDE Restaurant thanks to their fully loaded breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner menus.  

Whether you’re a local to Vancouver or you ever find yourself there for a visit, check out these restaurants next time you want to try something new! 

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